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Rules for this forum

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 7:55 pm    Post subject: Rules for this forum Reply with quote

Rules for posting in the Inventors of Daria forum.

§1. All posts in this forum are to discuss features you'd like to see added, changed, or removed from the game. Please keep all discussions civil. If they get out of control the thread will be locked.

§2. READ all of the other threads and make sure your suggestion hasn't been posted already. We know that may be hard, but think how hard and time consuming it is for us to search through 20 threads on this, 15 threads on that, 30 on something else... You only have to read through them once to make sure your idea has been covered or not, we have to read through them repeatedly, and we'd rather use that time to develop the game then reading thread after thread of the same things.

§3. Please look in the Archived forum as well for past community discussions that may have information.

§4. If your idea has already been covered, feel free to add your own comments to the thread. You may inspire us with a good idea. If your idea hasn't been covered, then feel free to start a new thread.

§5. If you are starting a new thread, be as descriptive as you can with your idea, but also keep it short so that we don't have to read through long essays.

§6. Leave the number balancing up to the dev team. You may include your own calculations for example purposes, but we will make all of the necessary adjustments to make it work if we decide to implement your idea.

§7. Be prepared to support, defend, and/or modify your idea as others join in on the discussion and add their opinions and ideas. No one is wrong, has a stupid idea, or a bad opinion of anything. Everyone has their own view of the situation. Instead of being offended that someone doesn't agree with you, learn from each other, you may be inspired with another brilliant idea because of it.

§8. Do NOT put an 'R' at the end of the subject line of your new thread. That is a marker used by developers. Check the General FAQ for more details.
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