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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 8:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Err... two things.

If each member who shows up provides as much power, then Daria's equivalence to LiT will sooner or later own every ownable place. ^^

Now, jokes aside as that's a small problem, let me address one I find far greater.

I am not here to play chess.

I really don't like the idea of such long sieges. Moreso, I really don't like the utter boredom being a member of either faction becomes here. Who gets to have fun? The leaders. The others, who may have practiced their PvP skills to near perfection and spent hour upon hour gaining levels, they're just translated into numbers. Even if you somehow measured PvP skill (like the honor system in WoW) and took that into account, it's this epic battle and you're just a number. Not only that, you have to stay there potentially for days?

Siege the town manually instead, manually assault trade caravans ( = prices go up and town becomes less popular for trading) and travelers. Let the siege have a technical meaning still, but don't turn it into a long-winded strategy game.

I do see the complications with sleep times etc, but I really don't like the thought of translating everything into numbers. Individual player skill, guild discipline, it all just goes poof, leaving the outcome of the battle in the hands of two strategists.

I'd rather have big, epic battles and absent faction members replaced by NPC's (helloooo at least we have paper dolls and an AI) of appropriate level and class (or like I said, just an AI controling the exact character).

Another interesting thing could be if the town had its own loyalties and if the sieging faction is very favored by the town, they could secretly or openly strive to make the defenders lose (and these loyalties wouldn't change the instant the town changed owners, either).
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Sum Ting Wong
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 9:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

this may mess up the balance, but whatever.

ok, have a 'leadership' skill, that determines the amount of points added to the point pool. when the leader hires ballistas/trebuchets/pikemen, they show up as actual npc's fighting it out. then other rl characters could attack these npc's belonging to either side. just to keep people from attacking them for the sake of leveling up(im thinking to keep an outsiders clan from screwing up a battle just to level) the hire npc's wouldn't give experience, but maybe give the warring factions some kind of 'siege points' that could be used to buy eyepatches or some special skill or armor or something, like if a big nice city is sieged, and i were to kill off lots of the enemies npc's and accumulate 20 or 30 of these points, i could use them to custom name my sword into 'LiT Slayer' or 'the sword of Sum Ting Wong' or something. maybe buy some special item for your house*wink wink* that would help to
a. fix the time zone problems
b. fix the 'i want some blood under my fingernails' problem.

also, if ships were included in the game(i'd be Pirate Jim then) it would be nice to see some kind of piracy against the towns economy in addition to ambushing npc trader convoy's.

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