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Origin of the Dark Prince of the Hydrans (Part 1 & 2)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 7:33 pm    Post subject: Origin of the Dark Prince of the Hydrans (Part 1 & 2) Reply with quote

Part 1:

Sebastion was one of many children born to the King who sat on the throne of the Hydran Empire. He was not the first and certainly not the last, and thus was neither prepared to for the throne nor pampered as the beloved youngest. Instead he lived in the shadows of his siblings, not ignored perhaps, but certainly still not favored above the others. Instead, as was the case of many who were born to such circumstance, he was consigned to be trained in the arts of war. His place as a commander of men at arms secured and expected.

The armies of the Empire were known for their skill on the battlefield. The elite were trained from childhood, knowing little else but of the ways of death. And such was Sebastion's life until he shortly after reaching his eighteenth summer, when he was noticed by a certain ArchMagus of the Empire. The ArchMagus was a friend and council to the throne, and performed his laboratory studies in large underground chambers given him by the King's own command.

The ArchMagus saw in Sabastion some potential and so, after petitioning the King himself, offered to take him on as a pupil of the metaphysical arts. Such an offer could not be refused for never had the ArchMagus offered such a chance to anyone, and possessing such skill and knowledge that he did, even the most inept of individuals would be bound to come out a great and powerful Magus as well. Thus, Sebastion took up readily the mantle of acolyte under the sharp eye of the ArchMagus.

The instruction though was less then what he had expected however. Expecting to spend hours laboring over ancient books or spending days trying to memorize reagent combinations and incantations, he was surprised and disturbed when he found his chores to be the cleaning or the laboratory and the fixing of meals for the older teacher. In fact, the ArchMagus refused to show him how to harness the ancient arts at all. Sebastion wondered if the ArchMagus really wanted a pupil or servant.

For for four years he served the old man in all he was commanded to do. With time his responsibilities changed and he found himself collecting wildlife and fauna, but still no alchemy taught nor any books given him to read. Such was frustrating, for without the walls of the castle things were changing. The Empire was growing restless as voices were emboldened to speak against the King. The army was being mobilized and riots were being put down. Sebastion now began to think of what he would have had, had he not taken up his new vocation. By this time he would have had a troop of his own and been able to help serve and protect his family on the field of battle. Surely if he had been taught the ancient powers he would also be of some use if war came.

And so he began in secret, to defy his master. When the ArchMagus would leave to council with the King, Sebastion would find little used books of the master's library to read through. He knew the time he had to spend on such things was precious little and his memory was not sufficient enough to absorb the complex patterns of the powerful spells he desired, therefore he contented himself with booklets of basic meditation, basic foundations of spell castings, and the harmless spells of simple novices. He would practice and recite what he had memorized whenever he was out of sight of the ArchMagus, and slowly his knowledge began to grow.

He became braver as this went on so that he watched which scrolls and books his master used and which were never touched. Eventually he would would hide a scroll or book behind the others and if the ArchMagus questioned it's location a mock search would uncover its location as having fallen behind the others. If the master did not miss it however, then Sebastion was sure to borrow it. He managed to teach himself several basic spells after several weeks of this. They were not great things, in fact, they basic and harmless; but they were still a step in the right direction.

If only he had had more time before disaster had struck! Perhaps then he could have made some kind of difference...

OOC: Kind of tired of thinking about this, I'll post more some other time and update the topic to let you know when.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2005 4:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 2:

Overnight it seemed, order had turned to chaos! Riots and a whispered rebellion had appeared at the very gates of the capital city. What little of the army that hadn't been sent out to quell uprisings was now trapped within the great walls looking out upon a civilian army that, while not as strong or fierce, numbered in the thousands and was laying siege to the city. A siege, not of massive weapons of war, but of psychological warfare. For they were busy damming up the river that provided fresh water to the city and had cut off the entrance of the newly harvested yields that they people within were so dependant on.

While those of the Royal family continued to eat within the inner walls of the keep, those without began to see their hopes fade and with this rose that voices of doubt. Within two weeks the city itself was in an uproar. The inhabitants would not stand by while the King starved them for his own protection.

All the while Sebastion had watched all this atop the inner wall of the keep. And when the rebellion outside the city took hold within the city, he saw the masses rush the gates of the keep and fall back to devise a way of taking hold of it.

This did not last long, however, a day after the shutting of the inner keep's doors the traitorous nature of the King's advisors manifest itself. Betrayers! All on the King's Council, with exception of the ArchMagus himself, decided that the King had outlived his welcome. The military commanders turned their troops on the Royal family and those who still supported them.

The Royal Guard fell within minutes of the coup, the ArchMagus himself fought off soldiers for a few moments more. Hurling fireballs to and fro cooked the metal plated warriors while they rushed in. A ball of chain lightning flew from the ArchMagus's hands jumping from one living lightning rod to the next. But he in time faltered as well as arrows flew in and struck the old mentor as his shield of wind began to fail.

Sebastion knew no spells to protect nor destroy and so he lifted a sword once again. Several he felled before his strength gave way and he was beaten unconcious. The King could not escape through the tunnels below for the way was blocked and all of them, including Sebastion, were captured to be put on trial. The trial was held in the public square for all to see, but it was not so much a trial as it was a prelude to the executions to come.

The King, his wife, and his oldest children were beheaded there in front of all. The youngest were sent as gifts to the surrounding kings who had feared and hated the former King, to do with as they pleased. For some reason, Sebastion was not executed but simply sentenced to exile. He was not to return or to be heard from again under penalty of death.


"It was their mistake," thought Sebastion to himself. They should have killed him now, for revenge would forever be at the back of his mind. He was taken by ship to a remote land where few had explored and none bothered to return from. There were other people here, but the villages were somewhat small. As well, he had not heard of any king or great lord residing in the land, it was still wild and untamed. An ancient place that still held secrets from the eyes of the world.

The ship left him on the shore, ill equipped to survive such a place. He carried a dagger with him and food only for a couple of days. He had no money, and saw no signs that would show him the way to populated places. The fauna here was dense and wild and he set about in an attempt to forage for himself some sustenance before his own stocks dissapeared. As night fell he had no flint to strike a fire with, and the night air was chilly. Reciting a chant and tracing in the dirt a small rune, the world around him brightened for a dozen paces in every direction. One of the spells he had learned in secret, Illuminate was not powerful nor could it harm another being, but it was at least useful this night. By the spells glow, which he had to renew every hour, he dug through the top layer of soil with his hands and layed there pulling it all back over him to retain body heat.

Now as the spell faded he did not renew it, but stared into the open sky above him. The stars so bright and the expanse so vast. A feeling came over him now, not of dispair or sadness, but of hope and determination. Tommorrow he would begin anew. He would seek out other people and learn to live among them. He had no gold but there would be wild animals here and such always provided meat and fur upon death that others might trade for. Yes, his future was not as bleak as the Council was wont to think. He would take hold of it and forge for himself a new future. This place was old, it held many mysteries long forgotten. In such places it was said that magic was the strongest, and if such were the case then he would be the one to uncover those mysteries and make them his own.

(OOC: Whew, my hand tired. Okay that's it until after the first versions get released. I don't know town or people's names yet so I can't expound on what's going to happen. Feel free to comment, and I hope it was mildly entertaining for a minute or two at least.)
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice, now I have another reason to anticipate DoD, the continuation of this story.

The Ranger without a cause.

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