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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 5:47 pm    Post subject: Transition. Reply with quote

Just a quick story I wrote in International Finance... I'll edit it when I get home. It's about Thandrophir coming from Akarra to Daria.


With one final stab, BlueHyren had slain the beast. He had been traversing Eastern Gate for days, looking for something... though he had no idea what. He slowly made his way down a corridor that he had already passed through countless times, he knew every loose stone and trap by heart. Every step felt like a mile. "My life will surely be lost to this foresaken place." he thought. He heard a faint sound in the distance and before he even had time to turn around, his torch expired. "This was but a freshly bound torch not a moment ago..." he said to himself. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain surge through his body. He fell on the ground in horrific agony, when his torch flickered back to life. Standing over him was an Iwid Watchman, who without hesitation, drove the bottom of his staff clear through BlueHyren's skull.

BlueHyren was now surrounded by nothing... he could see, but had no vision. He could hear, but could not listen. He could touch, but could not feel.

He was still alive, but could not live.

He was in this state for what seemed to be an eternity. "My soul has been bound to the sacred obelisk... why do I remain the way? he was able to ask himself through some warped subconscious. Suddenly, he found himself up in a tree. The sudden shock of being instantly ripped from plain to plain into such a different world caused him to quicly loose consciousness... and fall out of the tree. When he awoke, he stared up at the tree for a good hour, while his memories and motor skills slowly oozed back to him. It was then he heard the laughter of children in the distance and quickly rose to his feet, prepared to ask where he was when the children ran away... it was then he realized why they had fled.

He was exposed.

He ran off into the nearby forest and came upon an older woman picking berries. After ducking behind a tree, he cautiously called out to her. "Excuse me, madam, would you happen to have anything that I could cover up with?". The woman did not respond, so he asked again. Once again, she failed to acknowledge him. He was just about to ask again when the woman turned around and threw some soiled clothes at him. "Now cover up and leave me be." said the old woman sternly. BlueHyren dressed and proceeded deeper into the forest. He then remembered he had not thanked the woman for her kind gesture so he turned around... but she was gone. BlueHyren spent the next few days in the forest, trapping small animals and studying the native flora. He was walking along one afternoon when he heard people conversing and beautiful music filling the golden air. He was just about to approach them when he felt as though he was being watched. He turned around to see an older woman picking berries, not ten feet from where he stood. Without looking up at him, the old woman began to speak. "You must be careful, Thandrophir". BlueHyren stood there, speechless. "Yes Thandrophir Kybar the BlueHyren, I know your real name. I know about the the weight that name bares. I know about your good deeds, I know about your sins. You life begins now, Thandrophir. Go forth into this world and help shape it's future. Do not hide behind your title any longer. May Uth, Ath and Daria be with you". After a brief pause, Thnadrophir asked the woman who she was and how she knew him. The old woman ceased berry picking and froze. Thandrophir walked up to the woman, in an attempt to see her face when suddenly, the woman turned to stone and crumbled away with the wind.

After regaining his composure, Thandrophir made his way towards the settlement.

The artist formally known as BlueHyren.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I Are Ownage =P
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