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One Thousand Location Ideas

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 9:13 pm    Post subject: One Thousand Location Ideas Reply with quote

Alrighty, It's about time for Community Involvment in this process of developing Daria. We are all going to come up with 1,000 - Yes, One Thousand - Location Ideas!

This is to spark interesting ideas - Quests, Monsters, Treasures, Anything you can imagine! Be sure to keep it role-play, that is - No game-technical information is needed. Look at the location ideas that we have thus far created for an example!

Good Luck Very Happy

The haunted graveyard. Beware of ghosts!

The emerald bird statuettes in the eerie cavern. Who put them there, and why?

The coal-eating slugs have infested the mine!

The village fool became crazy and lost his sight on the very same day... what happened to him? Why has he stopped eating meat?

Up in the mountains there are 20 giant stone statues. They attack anybody who approaches, and nobody knows why. A rumour says there was a great wizardess who lost, or guarded, something valuable up there...

A village has been pestered by a great eagle. The bird seems to have worked up an apetite for all things shining and glimmering! Must be a whole fortune lying up in its nest by now!

A rich lady lost her book collection in a fire, and she hasn't been herself since. She especially mourns the loss of a book telling a tale about a beautiful and strong woman who saved the world. Life just doesn't seem the same to her without it.

In a large lake there is a rumour of a great sea monster! Maybe worth investigating, maybe a hoax? In any case, there is a reward if you can proove its existence!

In the mountains there is a waterfall and a stream between two cliffs. It is said that good fortune will be yours if you throw a piece of armor down the waterfall... or is the fortune maybe at the end of the fall? Who knows what kind of equipment people have been throwing in!

It is said that if you stand on the Red Bridge during sunset a friend, he or she will immediately fall in love with you... Maybe worth a try for that special One...

The diamond mine seems to have a life of its own. The walls are moving and the way you took in never seems to be the way out. Don't venture too deep without plenty of provisions!


Nine hundred ninety-nine

One thousand
This post made by me may not be the official opinion of the Dawn of Daria crew or Oxeye Game Studio. I may also say things that are incorrect or based on hopes and expectations. Viewer discretion is adviced. Oxeye
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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 7:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

sorry if i sometimes stray away a little from the 'location' theme!

Big boss benny the black smith secretly leads a small gang in the northern parts of the town. On the outside he is a loving and strong family man, but under the veil, he is thief, and a burglar, and if the price is right, sometimes even an assassin.

The Rural area outside town has long since been abandoned due to the unstable mining tunnels going underneath the ground. All was well when people were still working there, but in the middle of it all, something else appeared. Something which chewed on the floors and walls until the underground looking nothing short of a Swiss cheese. What lurks beneath the ground, and what did the people leave in a hurry?

Pale Ale Inn its called. A flourishing and successful establishment along the pinecog road. But why is their Ale so good, and what is their secret ingredient?

Young girls never return from the Gravel Bison Waterfalls. Despite the village's attemts to inform the girls of the dangers there, there is always one or two each year that strongwilled visit this place never to come back. But are they really dying? Or is there a secret yet to be unveiled?

Gorge of Cowards gap between the mountains in the southeast of the western citalel often called. Aspiring theraks are forced to jump between the cliffs, and those whom cowardly try to stop and regret their jump in front of it, are brutally pushed down and killed. What rookies equipment lies still in that gorge, or has plunderers long since taken it all? In any case, will you perhaps be forced to take the jump?

Tricks to capture the stars have long been attempted by a small sects in the southeastern parts of daria. Each night, when the sky is clear, they go out to their sacred stone formation and begin their rituals. Each night something new is attempted, and each night, still no stars are captured. Will they ever capture any stars? Is there something more to the picture? Or are they really failing, or is there something more elaborate going on?

The poor people of City X live in shackles or perhaps under a tree outside town. Not rarely are they seen wanding around town pestering the civilians with they pleads for money or food. Lately however, beggar have begun disppearing with no apparent reason. Friends tell tales of abductions and assassination, but noone seems to listen. The city guard seem to ignore it and the emporer seems susisiously satisied. What is really happening?

During six minutes each hour a small stone firmly fixxed in the ground deep inside the Gagalore forest starts to shine brightly. What it does and who places it there is unknown, but a small sect living near the forest is dedicated to bringing it gifts. They are very picky with their gifts and often bring valuable things, however there is nothing more unholy than to take the gifts from the stone and they will protect it with their lives!

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Joined: 29 Nov 2004
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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 8:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The sacks of grain are piled up to the celing and noone seems to clean the floor. Why are there so much provisions left here, and why is no one touching it?

conntected by an eggshell phones (string and two eggshell halves on each side) a silent warning system has been build up around this dark najo village.

the guardhouse is closed, the docks are empty, the smith lies silent, why is this town abandoned, and what can you find around here? Past fortune seekers seem to have left their skeletons behind.

The flourmill's attic is a hiding place for criminals, why is the owner so generous towards criminals?

a blue drop of glass is found in patch of sand on a beach in the archipelago each morning. Who is placing it there, or are the gods crying?

In an old story, a witchdoctor whom was forced to clean 59 stone pillar with his tongue, cursed each and every one of them while doing his duty. To this day anyone whom touches them gains the curse

Flying fish are claimed to be seen of the south coast, hearsay or truth? bring evidence!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 8:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Twenty Seven:
It is a well known legend that underneath the sea lies a cave, And I don't think its reachable by simply swimming to it.

Twenty Eight:
A raging wizard once cast a spell upon his neighbor's house so strong that it did not blow up the neighbors house, but indeed leveled 3 houses surrounding it. What caused this wizard to become so angry? He needs to be relaxed before anything else happens.

Twenty Nine:
The local fisherman are reporting a vast amount of fish washing upon the shores. Find a solution to this problem.

The village healer has run out of herbs to help tend the wounds of fallen comrades. It may be a rare herb, but is is the key to the healer's special potion.

Thirty One:
There is a sacred location amongst these forests. It has come to my attention that the location had fallen underground. What lies underneath the place that could be strong enough to collapse it?

Thirty Two:
In the northern most ice cap of Daria, it is rumored that a large beast protects an unknown treasure yet seen to the intelligent races. Prove even its existance and be rewarded. Bring it to me and be rewarded even greater - Hell, you can even keep it. I just want to see it.

Thirty Three:
Many of our warriors come back day after day with new scars and wounds. One of them slipped up as to the origins of these wounds; An underground fighting tournament. Think you have what it takes?

Thirty Four:
There is a clearing in the forest, with an odd looking stone in the middle. Those who have touched it are never the same again.

Thirty Five:
I once visited an underground cave, but I was drunk. All I can remember is endless amounts of sparkly stuff. (Maybe it was light reflecting from water, maybe it was diamonds? All thats said is its sparkly.

Thirty Six:
Some mountains have caves in them, aye, but most caves don't lead anywhere important. I swear, this one lead all the way to the middle of Daria!

Thirty Seven:
The local chef wants to decimate his rivals at the cooking competition. He needs a couple of ingerediants to top off this magnificent cake.

Thirty Eight:
It is said that with the proper magic, a door can be opened behind this waterfall. Nobody has ever lived to survive though, I wonder why?

Thirty Nine:
A grand lake attracts many spectators because of the peace and beauty that it presents.

There is a great cliff that allows the viewer on top of it to see for ages. One said that he even seen a vast peice of land across the seas.

Forty One:
The local group of children all decided to play Bandits and Warriors in the forest. Not one of them is without the itching disease - Don't worry about the children, find a cure for the itching disease so we can rest for one night!

Forty Two:
The great river forks into 2 different paths. Its said that if you take the path to the right, you'll never return. I wonder why?

Forty Three:
The Planes of Dariaare a must see! Especially when you hit the end of the planes and come to the ocean. There is a single tree right before the ocean. At dawn, the Sun rises directly under this Tree. It is a very beautiful sight indeed.

Forty Four:
A man that travels the world of Daria is said to be the best musician ever known to us all. You should check him out! He likes going town to town, and staying in each one for about a week.
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Joined: 27 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

45: "My partner in crime..*cough*.. I mean exploration....Has lost his bag full of gear. We just arrived from crossing the river, Could you help us?"

46: A group of extremely dedicated followers of Anthari are comming up the road now!! It is claimed that they have been commanded by Anthari himself to destroy any persons whom do not follow him!
There is nothing time hasn't touched.
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Joined: 29 Nov 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An old man was famous for creating the most beautiful furniture, a skill that he tried to teach to several pupils, but for some reason or another they never seemed to get the knack for it. Maybe the old man was a very poor teacher, or maybe he just had a hard time to reveal his secrets. Will we ever now?

A legend tells of the story of the "magpie war". Apprantly there were a group of magpies that would not only steal glimmering items from people, but also from each other! Witnesses claim to have seen the birds stealing items from the others' nests several times, to the enjoyment of the onlookers.
This post made by me may not be the official opinion of the Dawn of Daria crew or Oxeye Game Studio. I may also say things that are incorrect or based on hopes and expectations. Viewer discretion is adviced. Oxeye
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Every year at the end of the harvesting period the mayor of the town of X holds a great horse race to celebrate the nature's generosity. A big field just outside the town hosts the horse race and the feast that follows it. A place for idlers, pickpockets and, of course, equestrians! This year the prize is said to be a magnificent horse from the mayor's own stables!!


Rumour has it that a hundred year old pike with silver fins lives in this river.. At least local fishermen blame it for holes in their nets. Rumour also says that anyone who catches it will have great luck.. But would you need be any more lucky if you get lucky enough to even catch it?
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sixty One

Deep underground the temple of a long lost civilization, the entrance to catacombs lies, which has been unexplored for many decades. Stories tell of the civilization's fall due to a deadly curse laid upon them by an angry diety, which tore apart victims souls, causing them to be rejected by the heavens and left lying in wait as undead creatures of horrifying speed and unnatural strength. Any adventurers foolish enough to trespass on their domain would most likely end up sharing a similar fate as they.

Sixty Two

On a continent that exists only to those searching for it, a portal to another world has opened up. Anyone who enters the portal is either thrown back out mortally wounded, or never seen again. Those who wish to attempt passing through the portal must be deemed worthy by succeeding in the various tasks given by the continent's ruler.

Sixty Three

The wicked, barbaric people who resided deep within the Bloodscream Forest occassionally left their forest to kidnap strangers from nearby villages, taking them back and performing religious rituals of great disgust. One of the rituals involved peeling all the skin from the unfortunate villager's flesh, and making them watch them eat it before sinking them into a pool of boiling tar to appease their so-called god. Eventually, the people were foolish enough to kidnap a powerful necromancer who caused the remenents of the tortured sacrifices to arise and kill everything living in the forest. They say that those powerless to stand against the "animated tar zombies" are executed in a similar fashion to the way they were themselves.

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