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Monday Dev Update #19

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:39 am    Post subject: Monday Dev Update #19 Reply with quote

Development during week 36-2006
We continued work on the combat system. After some testing, we decided to skip the scissors-rock-bag idea that we had for silly alpha 2, and implement a small version of the "real" combat system instead. The list of changes is something like this:
- Added health, damage, attack rating and such to all "living entities"
- Changed the combat system to use the real rules
- Made it possible for entities to be killed
- Added a simplified respawn system, players auto-respawn after 10 seconds and pets are revived by the owner by clicking on their grave
- Added "teams" to improve the pets' target decisions (if a player attacks you, all of her cats are also enemies of your cats, and not just the player)
- Continued work on the combat GUI. It's more or less finished, but contains place-holder art and will probably be tuned a hundred times before we are pleased
- Added a combat log window where messages are placed. Made it possible to move, resize, close and make the window transparent.
- Added some blood particles when entities get hurt

Thewreck has made a lot of new artwork. Most was GUI items (buttons, windows, icons etc) but also some new creatures and the combat effects and the gravestones for players and pets.

Also, I've been working on the zoom feature. This feature is used to change the scale of the view to get something that looks more like Akarra. The zoom can currently be set to 50, 75 or 100%, but I'm trying to make it possible to seamlessly change the zoom level (there are some graphical artifacts I must remove).

Milktoast and God have continued naming locations and items.

Planned development during week 37-2006
During this week I will attempt to implement the combat system GUI fullly. I really hate GUI programming... it can take me several ours to create a frame and place the buttons ("just one pixel to the left... nah... that didn't look right... maybe one pixel more... nah, it looked better before..." etc, etc, and so on).

Wiki updates during last week
+7 Wiki edits (240 total)
No new "legitimate" content pages (24 total)
This week's most valuable contributor: None
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This post made by me may not be the official opinion of the Dawn of Daria crew or Oxeye Game Studio. I may also say things that are incorrect or based on hopes and expectations. Viewer discretion is adviced. Oxeye
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