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winds of daria chapter 3 4 5 6

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PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 8:04 pm    Post subject: winds of daria chapter 3 4 5 6 Reply with quote

Chapter 3
Day beyond Day

As we all woke up the sun was not high in the air, there were few bugs out and it was colder than ever. The father was already up; he already found some Saskatoon, strawberries, and some raspberries. The kids got up and dad each gave them a few berries to eat. He soon left to find some more berries. The kids stayed at the camp. And put some sticks on the fire.

“Stay here kids, I’ll be back soon.”
“Don’t worry dad we will stay here.” Jerry said.

There dad went out to find more food, he was gone for almost 3 hours but in that time the kids decided to have a game of scavenger hunt ready to play before their dad got back to the camp. They went walking around the camp area and found things and they had stick on some sand and they wrote it down in the sand. They put one large pinecone, a Maple leaf and an Oak leaf, any type of fur, and some other funny things.

Dad came and seen that they set all this up for him, he excited that he had something to do for once. But before they started the game there dad found lots of berries not far from there camp, he got a shirt full of them, and they were all raspberries. After they ate half of them then the dad decided to play the game.

He first went out to look for the pinecone he found it pretty fast, next he went to go find the fur, he found it, and he tried to describe it to the kids. The dad thought it was deer, but before they could know what it was, they heard a rustling in the bush. They stop instantly what they were doing.

“Stay calm, don’t say absolutely anything.” Dad said. “When I count to three we will all make as much noise as we can? Okay? 3...2…1…”

They all yelled like little monkeys. And the animal in the bush ran off into the wild, when they seen it, they realized that it was just a little dear. There dad warned them that if it was a bear that don’t run, just look for a large stick and when it attacks one of you get your stick and hit in the back of the neck. The kids listened very well with what there dad told them.

That night there dad told them ghost stories and stories of when he was a kid, and the adventures that he would have they must have stayed up till about midnight.

Chapter 4 coming soon.
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