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Another long night

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 10:29 pm    Post subject: Another long night Reply with quote

-Hey you, yes you, yer have been sitting there for hours now. Order something to drink or get the hell out of here. This is a bloody tavern, not a bed and breakfast.
-I'm just taking shelter from the rain sir.
-That doesn't matter kid, I'm trying to make a living here. Order something or leave.
-Alright how much is a pint? He said while walking towards the bar.
-That would be ten copper coins, kid.

Effingo searched his pockets as the bearded bartender kept looking at him with suspicion.

-What are ye doing out here this late anyway kid?
-Here, this is all I have, he said while handing over his last remaining seven copper.
-Ye didn't answer my question, kid, he said while putting away the coins he got.
-With all do respect, that's non of your business sir.
-Fair enough, he said as he watched the pouring stout, here's yer pint.

He grabbed the pint and walked towards the same dark table in the corner. As he sat down he noticed the glass was filthy, as if even spit would be too precious to waste at dirty dishes. The condensation on the glass made it look frosted. He rubbed the glass a bit and pushed it away from him. He started thinking about home again. Not that it was of any use, the last place he wanted to be was home. There was nothing left for him there, not even enough to actually call it home. He started to think about various things, like always. It's not unusual for him to wander off in his own head. Thinking about the strangest things, questions without answers, pictures without mening, words that sound like closing doors or heavy boots on a wooden floor or even animal noises. Everytime he caught himself thinking like that he would end it thinking the same sentence as always, "people aren't born crazy Effingo, however you will be if you keep thinking too much". The rain was pouring outside, you could even smell it. As he looked around in the bar he noticed the waiter. He thought to himself, she's beutiful. She reminded him of his mother, with her beutiful long straight hair.

-Hey kid! Yer going to drink that pint or not? the bartender yelled.
-I bought it didn't I? Now leave me alone.
-Oh yer think yer too good for me stout don't you?
-No it's not that...
-Well the only other reason I see would be that ye have no mouth, but you're talking so ye obviously have a mouth. The bartender said while interupting him.
Get out of here ye little bastard, screamed with fury while pointing to the door.

Effingo got up and walked towards the door that lead to a dark and rainy outside. As he walked out and on the only street in the town he found himself alone, again.
..."people aren't born crazy Effingo, however you will be if you keep thinking too much"...
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like this. Next thing would be a proof-reader..
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I raise my glass and say "here's to you".'

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