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The tale bout´ Deeek

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:31 pm    Post subject: The tale bout´ Deeek Reply with quote

.. “11 Gold!, do I hear 12 gold? 12 gold is the bid. Do I hear 13 gold anyone?” Way long back, in the crowd shouts a exceptionally large man;
“200 gold pieces”
Excuse me sir, did I hear 200 gold? The big man nods, "Sold!"

The big man approaches a little cage. So sir, that would be 200 gold. Yes, I think so, said the big man and coughed some.

So, open the cage now and lets see!, he barked
“But but”.. the small salesman replied, “It would maybe be wise to atleast wait until there aren't any folk present”..

The big man crouched and looked strange at the little cage that only seemed to have space for a small man.. He rose and aimed a kick at the cage. He heard a deep breath from inside. As the cage was pretty small and dark, he couldn't see what was inside it. The only thing he could see was a glimpse of some dark, filthy fabric. He grunted loudly and said,
“Hah, I think I can manage something as small as that!”

The salesman stared at him, and then he broke out in hysterical laughter, after a moment he pulled himself together and answered, Is that so?, and smiled. “I'll tell you the story about this you bought”.

The salesman stood near the fire and took a seat near it. The big man did the same.

“It all started for twenty-eight years ago, or atleast I've been told so.
Harsh weather was at that time, followed by the crops that the folk ate, where frozen solid by the extreme cold. It had actually gotten so bad that families slaughtered their pets to survive. And as unbelievable this may seem, there was more. There had been reports from the borders that outposts had been burned to the ground, and men slaughtered brutally. Though, in all this chaos, a bizarre thing took place. An older women, named Cynthia gave birth to a strange orc-human creature. Though it was looking like a boy there was no room for this horrific creature. So he was left out in the woods. Or atleast, they all thought so..”

“The years went by and the weather changed. The woman, Cynthia had been murdered a year after the birth by her jealous husband. The strange thing was that the man's skull, or should I say my brothers skull was found 3 foot away from his torso. It was at that point I meet Him..
I saw something shivering underneath some old rags, I quietly walked forwards.. As I closed on this "something", I felt something cold up my spine.. I stretched my hand forward to uncover this something.. And suddenly, I heard noises, that reminded me of a crying child.
I stretched my hand forward and..”

The little man gets a bit carried away and starts to cry..
“Oh I’m sorry, this always happens.. I'll go on with my story..”

“About in a year I thought of what happened that day, how I felt like when I found my brother decapitated and, well after that had happened it changed my life dramatically. As I decided to take care of Hubert, well that's what I named him, I actually started to like him. He was as strong as an ox, not as clever as one, but strong as one”.

“The years passed on and everything seemed to go my way. It was then it happened...”

“I had been out drinking, you know.. When I returned to the little cabin I had, I saw Hubert, standing outside in the rain and looking straight at me, with his childish eyes. I had had enough I thought. After all I had done, letting him eat the scraps of the food that I left, letting him live underneath the tree I owned, letting him look into my cabin when it rained.. I had had enough! I grabbed my dagger, went out to him to put his misery life to an end. He didn’t know a thing, as dumb as he is. I marched right out there, where I looked at his big eyes, and then.. I pushed the dagger in as far as I came in his chest. And he fell on his knees.”

“His eyes, I couldn't believe the things he expressed with the look in his eyes. He stood there, with a dagger in his chest, looking straight at me, with those big eyes, they we're deeper then normal and they we're all.. all blank.. He stood there and looked at me.. for about 2 minutes..
And then, he collapsed right in front of me without taking his eyes of me.”

By this time the sun had set and the air was filled with the noise of crickets.

I see.. Said the big man. Well that's the story, so you may leave if you wish, replied the salesman.
I think I'll do that yes, said the big man.

He stood up and looked over at the cage. He walked to it and to the salesman’s surprise, he opened the door and unravelled "Hubert".
He muttered something about a silly name and whispered, come out. You don't have to be afraid. From now on, I'll call you.. Hmm.. Lets see... Deeek! Yes, that’s a suiting name. He looked back at the salesman with bitter eyes.

As the big man turned to face the salesman, Deeek crawled out of the cage, he stood there on his two feets, looking just as he had done the day he got cut with a dagger..

I cant stand that look!, shouted the salesman. He grabbed his sword. The owner of Deeek yelled, “No don't”. But it was to late. The salesman had already swung his sword at Deeek, burrying it deep into Deeek's right shoulder. A roar of pain echoed troughout the woods..

Long time, no see

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Posts until end: 1000

Joined: 23 Jan 2005
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Now do please understand, that when I wrote this text I was about 14 years old. It might be boring, though I couldn't find anything else rpg'ish in my comp. Im a bit to lazy to rewrite my other, and may I say better things at the comp (timeconsuming)

Now, lets start slaughtering my old story


And, the end is s'posed to be all blurry, at that time when I wrote the story, I was sick and tired of all the usual "hero-slay-all -dragons-which-killed-my-family-revenge-bla-bla etc~ stories"
Long time, no see
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