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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:35 pm    Post subject: Towns Reply with quote

"And the Gods said "Let there be a ruler amongst all of these creatures, An intelligent creature whom will harvest thine land and keep order in this new world. They shall inhabit settlements in vast amounts, and these settlements will be named accordingly. Be warned - they will also contain not only names, but they will increase over the years with conflict - eventually destroying themselves."

Towns shall contain (of course) - Names, A relative size - small? too large to fit another kitten inside? A basic description - How was it founded? How did it evolve (or become) what it is today? Is it a blooming town? Is this town on the path of destruction? Does a king rule? Does a group of people rule? Does anybody rule at all? If so, are they extremely mean? too forgiving? weak? strong? How about corrupt? Is the town famous for something? Do they have any traditions? How about tournaments? We need details!

Use your imagination for this one - but remember to stay away from anything game-technical. (Instead of saying this town contains 3 shops, an inn, 4 places to fish, 2 ports, and a couple of houses....Try saying something like "The town has a couple of places for one's bartering businesses. Trading not your cup of tea? Well then maybe you're looking for a little something bigger than a cup o' tea? How about a pint of rum? A place to sleep eh - I suppose your a ...girly man...You can rent a room at the bar as well. When you wake up you may enjoy a morning of fishing - there's tons o' places to fish! I'd say to try the east coast of the river, right before the big bend. But watch out for those huge boats!! They always mess with the fishies appetite."

Good Luck Smile
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


a mystery!

perhaps they also developed certain funny chemicals which they used to brainwash a drug their victims, and put special masks on them so that they would not be recognized, and further more placed them in special steam-pits to fight it out as silly entertainment for the people, to keep their minds away from thought of revolt and revolution.
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