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Improvement and progress for Daria

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Ben Hur
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:16 pm    Post subject: Improvement and progress for Daria Reply with quote

Hi there, i'm a frenchy newbie so first of all, please! Just apologize my english Sad .

Ok this is done.

I open this topic under Thewreck's advices which i totaly agree with. I suppose everyboy can tell here what he likes ,dislikes wants to change, improve etc...

As a begining I would say (as a videogame programer) that i'm already really impressed about what has been done and that the only things i could tell here would be some kind of improvements as follows:

1)I can see that a sort of calculation on the speed of the characters has been done. Why wouldn't you add a certain coefficient to the calculation of that speed due to the total weight that a character has to carry (bag(s) with item(s), hypothetic armor(s), the own character's weight, etc...)

2)A recent problem about the guard's discuss has been risen too. It apparently (and I agree with this opinion) "parasitates" the players' discusses.
Thewreck thinks about putting their speech(es) above their head.
I'd rather prefer read them in the dialog box, but written a certain way that it wouldn't parasitate the players' dicuss(es) anymore, besause I consider in a certain way that even if the guards are virtual, they're part of the world anyway and so that their speeches have the same value as a player's speech. (by adding colors and a special typography).
An other problem which I think will come when the number of player will significativly increase, is the amount of sentences in the dialog box which will finaly probably make a conversation not understandable.
Then well, you still can had a "private chat system" even if it's from a certain point of view not really realistic. I mean, when it shouts , it shouts even in the real world (lol).
An interesting solution? Could you for example program the chat a certain way that the size of the typography would be proportionnal to the distance to the charater I receive the message?
That would be realistic i think! And naturally your eye would see what is more evident in the chat room: The biggest text. And if you can't "hear/read" somebody, you'll have to get closer to him, and further from the shouts.
An other interesting point, would be the amplitude of the force you're "talking/writting" with. You could program different level of the "force of the voice/text" that would change the size of the typography from wispers to shouts. Then the minimal distance of reception would be small with wispers and bigger with shouts. And finaly further than a certain distance, you would receive nth (or maybe sth like "..."or "รน*^$" any what you want Wink)

3)I've seen a really little graphical problem (nearly insignificant) with the maximum back zoom. Some textures seem to flicker.

4)I've lived in Daria a kind of Cataclism that Thewreck enjoyed to realized Wink. This is awsome!. Being lost on this really little and restrected Island made me imagine that there were probably some really hard enigmas to solve in order to progress.

5)Have you think about putting some unreversible events? Like the tectonic of your world, the destruction, or anihilation of certain objects? That would create naturally the story of your world I guess Wink.

6)Talking about gameplay: Making a player unique could lead him to imply himself particulary in your game. Adding some "unique power from birth" relativ to a unique character, that this one will have to discover would be really particulary. But I guess this would totally change the philosophy of your game isn't it?

I'll go on with my "researches" on your game for helping you Wink


PS: Apologize my english again; it is HoWfOOl!!! Wink
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a dev screenshot of some changes that you are talking about:

Guard chats will probably be placed above their heads, as you suggest.

Long-distance private chat will remain, even though it's unrealistic. Sometimes reality has to step aside to allow people to contact each other, otherwise they'd just use IRC or MSN or some kind of voice chat instead.

Not sure about unreversible events... There will be large scale events, but they will usually be reversible in some way.
This post made by me may not be the official opinion of the Dawn of Daria crew or Oxeye Game Studio. I may also say things that are incorrect or based on hopes and expectations. Viewer discretion is adviced. Oxeye
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

What do you think of semi-transprarent speech bubbles connecting to the pc/npc that is talking?
I thought it would fit the graphicstyle very well, don't know if it would crowd up the screen in areas that are heavily frequented. I know of a online rpg with a similar perspective/point of view that handles speech in these bubbles - it's called clan lord. Here is a screenshot to show what I mean:

Best Regards & happy holidays
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